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"The Creative Code"

have you ever heard these words?

disappointment  jealousy  lack of belief  failure  imposter syndrome

confusion  misalignment  tension  soul sucking confusion misalignment 


"You're not talented enough."

"It's been done before." 

"You'll never make any money doing that."

"You're wasting your time."

"That's too risky."

"That's not a real job."

that's why i was inspired to do this...

"Have you ever given up on a childhood dream because someone told you it wouldn't make any money?"

During my TEDxHuntingtonBeach talk, I urge creatives not to abandon their artistic dreams and emphasize the crucial role of a positive money mindset. As a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® I share some way creatives can work towards building a healthier relationship with their finances, fostering an environment where abundance and wealth are not only desired but achievable. 

WATch now

which led me to write this book...

Get your copy of "The Creative Code" 

WHAT others have said about "the Creative Code"...

"be open to rewriting your money story where abundance flows as freely as your creativity—this is not just about making money, it’s about making a life."

jen fontanilla

Are you a creative professional who's tired of feeling overwhelmed and out of control when it comes to your finances? Are you burdened by a scarcity mindset, fearful of letting money go or giving it away, and stuck in behaviors that sabotage your financial well-being? It's time to break free from these limiting beliefs and transform your relationship with money.

In "The Creative Code," you'll gain strategies to release guilt and shame, create abundance, and cultivate a daily practice that brings flow to your business and finances. Say goodbye to “the struggle is real” and hello to the money and life you desire.

"The Creative Code" will help you embrace your creativity and align your financial mindset to your artistic passions so you can lead a life of abundance and financial prosperity beyond your wildest dreams.

In this fun and practical how-to guide, bestselling author Jen combines her expertise as a graphic designer and money mindset coach into 16 chapters packed with inspiring stories, helpful tips, and easy-to-follow action steps.

what's "The creative code" about?

This book isn't another dry manual on crunching numbers and making budgets or telling you to go save for a rainy day (you already know). Instead, it’s a vibrant journey into the heart of your financial life, designed especially for creatives like you. Imagine transforming your relationship with money by tapping into spiritual laws and universal energies that resonate with your artistic spirit.

  • "Foundations of Your Money Mindset" starts things off by introducing you to the 12 Universal Laws and how to raise your vibrational frequency to attract more abundance. It's about setting the stage with the right energy to make money matters a little more inspiring.

  • "Understanding Your Current Relationship with Money" is your chance to dig deep. You’ll uncover your money stories—those hidden scripts that have been directing your financial show from behind the curtains. Through fun exercises like Taking Inventory and Transforming Your Money Stories, you'll start rewriting those scripts to star you as the savvy creator of your own wealth.

  • Moving into "Transforming Your Money Mindset", we revamp old beliefs and introduce you to the power of positive thinking with affirmations and mindset shifts. This part also dives into forgiveness and letting go, because sometimes you need to clear out the old to make room for awesome new opportunities.

  • "Building a Positive Relationship with Money" shows how tying your self-worth to your creative output can be a game-changer. It's about overcoming the fear of putting a price tag on your work and truly embracing your value in the marketplace.

  • And because no show is complete without an encore, "Daily Practices for a Prosperous Life" and "Planning for Success" offer up daily habits and straightforward plans to keep your finances in tune. These sections give you the tools to keep the rhythm going, from daily affirmations to creating a prosperity plan that sings to your unique life tune.

Overall, this book is about more than just managing money—it’s about embracing a lifestyle where financial freedom and creative abundance play the lead roles in your life. 

Details about the book

sounds good... but

why you should read "the creative code"

  • Break Free from Creative Blocks: Discover how to smash through the self-sabotage that’s stopping you from reaching your full potential. It’s time to get out of your own way!

  • Energy Shift Alert: Learn how to shift your energy to magnetically attract the success and recognition you deserve.

  • Live a Life You Love: Create and start living that dream life now—why wait?

  • Elevate Your Financial Game: Adopt new beliefs that open doors to better earnings—because creativity should certainly pay off!

  • Transformative Self-Discovery: Embark on a journey that changes how you think about money and creativity, shifting you towards abundance and endless possibilities.

  • Master Your Creative Destiny: 
    By the end of "The Creative Code," you'll be equipped to conquer your hurdles and lead a life once thought unattainable.

  • Build Your Team: Design and assemble a financial dream team, understanding the critical questions to ask to ensure they align with your creative and financial goals.

  • Practical Strategies: Discover how to use affirmations correctly and integrate them into your creative process for enhanced mental and emotional well-being.

  • Powerful Techniques: Learn three powerful forgiveness techniques that clear the way for creativity and financial prosperity.

  • Environmental Shifts: Declutter both your mind and workspace to invite and sustain a flow of abundance.

  • Value Your Work: Overcome the fear of selling and learn to confidently charge what your creative work is truly worth.

experience practical and emotional transformation

unlock creative potential

manifest abundance

about the author

Jen fontanilla

Jen Fontanilla is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, International and TEDx Speaker and "The Creative Code: A Creative Professional’s Way to Happiness, Wealth and Joy" is her 7th authored book. She focus on helping creative professionals and entrepreneurs to break through their money stories to create a healthier relationship with their money and themselves.

Jen has over 25 years of graphic design experience working for major brands and companies such as Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Disney, Target, Nintendo and over 19 years in financial services (almost a decade of that as a financial advisor.)

She has a heart for creatives who are often told they can't make "real money" and afraid to pursue their true passions or to step out in faith to go against the grain.