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Financial Brilliance
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But in reality...

You already have everything you need to create this new dynamic and relationship with money.

Imagine if you could...

  • Stop the cycle of financial self-sabotage

  • Start the process of elevating your self-worth to enhance your net worth

  • Master the art of taking inspired and fulfilling actions, bringing joy and fun into your experiences

  • Magnetize more money and confidently set higher prices

  • Despite hiding behind excuses, you haven't been honest with yourself about your money relationship

  • Patterns of lack are hindering your financial success

  • Guilt, shame, anxiety or fear makes you feel bad about spending money on personal desires

There's a better way...

Have you ever given up on a childhood dream because someone told you it wouldn't make any money?

During my TEDxHuntingtonBeach talk, I urge creatives not to abandon their artistic dreams and emphasize the crucial role of a positive money mindset. As a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® I share some way creatives can work towards building a healthier relationship with their finances, fostering an environment where abundance and wealth are not only desired but achievable. 

Hi... I'm Jen

I help creative professionals and entrepreneurial women break through their money blocks and scarcity stories to illuminate their financial brilliance. The goal? To enjoy a life filled with abundance, prosperity, and wealth in all the different ways it can be defined.

I remember thinking the only way to make “real money” was to have a traditional job — which is how I ended up with a background in biology as I pursued a medical degree. But my heart wasn’t truly in healthcare.

Deep down inside, I longed to have a career in the arts and experience the joy of being creative for a living—without the “starving artist” story. I wanted to feel like making money could be fun, freeing and more importantly, POSSIBLE as a creative professional.

One day, after observing a friend picking stocks, my curiosity was piqued and I felt motivated to improve my financial literacy. Not one to do things half-ass, I pursued a second career as a financial advisor and became a Certified Money Coach® (CMC).

Now with 25 years of experience in graphic design and 19 years in the financial industry, I bridge the gap between your money mindset and creativity. I can empathize with the unique challenges that artists and creatives face when it comes to their money while helping them improve their financial management and wealth creation.

When you redefine your relationship with money and transform your money stories, you shed layers of guilt, shame, and unworthiness.

This profound shift in perspective enhances your creativity, allows you to thrive in your work with a sense of freedom and joy. It's a journey from viewing money as a source of stress to celebrating it as a catalyst for artistic growth and personal fulfillment. I’m here to walk this road with you every step of the way.

A Creative Professional’s Way to Happiness, Wealth and Joy"

My Latest Book

Abundance is about recognizing the right timing and purpose for everything in our lives. For creatives, it is riding the wave of prosperity, guided by our higher selves, to earn and spend in ways that ignite our deepest creativity, unleashing a stream of ideas.

Speaker: Keynote, Workshop, Panelist

I’ve dedicated my life to helping creatives like you bridge the gap between your art and your finances, teaching you to thrive in abundance, prosperity, and wealth in all its forms.

My speaking engagements are more than mere presentations; they are immersive experiences designed to shift your money mindset and catalyze your creative potential. If you're ready, let's explore how we can collaborate to elevate your event and empower your audience.

CREATIVITY is the infinite source of abundanceWhen we tap into our true creative essence, we unlock a world of limitless possibilities and wealth.

Step into a life of abundance and creative fulfillment. Start your transformational journey with me.

Shift your money mindset, unleash your creativity.  Let's grab a virtual coffee.