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Breaking Bad Money Habits: 
Cultivating a Thriving Money Mindset for Creative Minds

  • Confront financial fears for stability
  • Transform money mindsets to boost creativity and growth
  • Spend wisely, fueling their creative vision
  • Have positive financial talks without sacrificing creativity
  • Adopt mindful financial habits for career resilience

Forget the jargon—this talk makes finance simple and relatable. Imagine mastering your finances without dimming your creative spark. We're tackling financial fears and teaching mindful spending, turning woes into wins. Ready to align your passion and finances with confidence?

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Unraveling Money Stories:  Sculpting Prosperity in Creative Journeys

Dive into 'Unraveling Money Stories' to transform your financial narrative. This session explores your inherited financial beliefs and how they affect your creativity, guiding you to break free from limiting mindsets. Develop a unique money philosophy that supports your artistic goals. With tools like journaling and visualization, get ready to craft a financial path that complements your creative journey towards prosperity.

Audience members will...

  • Explore and redefine deep-rooted financial beliefs impacting their creativity
  • Break free from limiting financial mindsets to encourage growth and independence
  • Develop a personal money philosophy that aligns with their creative values
  • Utilize practical tools like journaling and visualization for financial empowerment
  • Foster a thriving journey in both their creative and financial lives

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The Courage to Charge: Commanding Your Worth in the Creative Market

This talk is designed to equip creatives with the confidence to charge appropriately for their work. By addressing the fears around money and self-value and the psychological hurdles that hinder creatives, this session encourages a deeper understanding of your worth and the courage to demand it. Learn practical techniques to enhance your financial negotiation skills and build a prosperous, creative career.

Audience members will...

  • Identify and overcome the fears and psychological barriers associated with sales and pricing discussions
  • Learn negotiation techniques that respect their worth and the quality of their work
  • Challenge and change their perceptions of self-worth and its impact on pricing
  • Learn how to set and communicate prices confidently
  • Embrace a prosperity mindset that marries creativity with financial success

Have you ever given up on a childhood dream because someone told you it would not make any money?

During my TEDxHuntingtonBeach talk, I urge creatives not to abandon their artistic dreams and emphasize the crucial role of a positive money mindset. As a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® I share some way creatives can work towards building a healthier relationship with their finances, fostering an environment where abundance and wealth are not only desired but achievable. 

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Jen shares how we can use the challenges and lowest points in our life to inspire us to believe in ourselves and turn things around so we can create the life we truly want and deserve.

The 24K life conference

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Jen uses the TEDx platform to talk about creatives following their artistic dreams, rewriting their money stories and building wealth - however they define it.


The first of many book signings celebrating the stories and lessons that we share to give hope to others. 


Speaking Engagements and Signature Events

Jen shot a live interview at BlueWire Studios at The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas as she shares the importance of understanding our subconscious patterns related to our financial decisions.


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