I help creative professional and entrepreneurial women in the creative space break through their money blocks and limiting beliefs to create wealth through confidence.

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Unraveling Money Stories:  Sculpting Prosperity in Creative Journeys

In the realm of creativity, financial struggles often stem not from lack of talent or opportunity, but from deeply ingrained money stories inherited from our past. These inherited beliefs shape our financial behaviors, creating blocks that hinder wealth creation and stifle creativity. "Unraveling Money Stories" is a transformative keynote designed to help creative professionals explore and redefine these deep-rooted financial narratives, allowing them to break free from limiting mindsets and craft a financial path that complements their artistic journey.

In this engaging and insightful presentation, attendees will embark on a journey to uncover the subconscious patterns and early money memories that influence their financial decisions. Through practical tools such as journaling and visualization, they will learn to develop a unique money philosophy that aligns with their creative values, fostering both financial and creative growth.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify and transform money stories by understanding and rewriting inherited financial beliefs to make confident financial decisions
  • Eliminate guilt and shame through techniques that help release these emotions, allowing them to value and monetize their creative work without compromise
  • Utilize practical growth tools like journaling and visualization to improve their money philosophy, enhancing self-worth and financial prosperity

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The Courage to Charge: Commanding Your Worth in the Creative Market

In the world of design and creative arts, the disease affecting creative professionals everywhere is the addiction to charge rates below their worth and value. Unknowingly, it is secretly costing them revenue, dignity, opportunity, and belief in the value of their work and self worth.

In order to charge what you’re worth and feel good about the value exchange, we need to uncover the hidden power of belief and create new money stories. When harnessed correctly, this will help you operate in integrity, make the money you deserve, and debunk the archetype of the “starving artist.”

In this presentation we’re going to completely deconstruct the archetype of the starving artist and reconstruct it as a successful creative who charges what they’re worth in this fun, engaging presentation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Uncover the 3 myths you've been told about pricing your creative work and why it's costing you the ability to earn what you truly deserve
  • Learn the number 1 reason why you're undercharging for your work and what to do about it
  • Discover the 4-step belief transformation method to change your money story and confidently charge your true worth

During my TEDxHuntingtonBeach talk, I urge creatives not to abandon their artistic dreams and emphasize the crucial role of a positive money mindset. As a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® I share some way creatives can work towards building a healthier relationship with their finances, fostering an environment where abundance and wealth are not only desired but achievable. 

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Have you ever given up on a childhood dream because someone told you it wouldn't make any money?


Jen shares how we can use the challenges and lowest points in our life to inspire us to believe in ourselves and turn things around so we can create the life we truly want and deserve.

The 24K life conference

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Jen uses the TEDx platform to talk about creatives following their artistic dreams, rewriting their money stories and building wealth - however they define it.


The first of many book signings celebrating the stories and lessons that we share to give hope to others. 


Speaking Engagements and Signature Events

Jen shot a live interview at BlueWire Studios at The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas as she shares the importance of understanding our subconscious patterns related to our financial decisions.


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